111Hotel Mobile Application

In 111Domain our mobile hotel App is designed in such a way that provides hoteliers with the possibility to create a unique hotel mobile application for their hotel. There are some main categories, in which every hotelier can create subcategories according to his needs and the profile of his customers. 

Keep constant track of your reservations

Mobile application gives you quick access to reservations. Every information you insert in 111Hotel Mobile, is reflected in the Desktop version in real time.

Be in touch with your guests

111Hotel Pro Mobile includes possibility to call your guest or send him an email, making it easier to clarfiy any matters.

Complete digital check-in

  • Step 1: An automated email prompts guests to guarantee their booking. Collect credit card details for payment pre-authorization. The PCI DSS environment of Clock PMS hotel app ensures financial peace of mind for both hotel and traveller.
  • Step 2: Guests select their rooms or – if you’d rather they didn’t – they have one auto assigned. Additionally, here they can make their special requirements.
  • Step 3: Registration cards filled by guests while they are still preparing their trip, so when they arrive all that is left is to check and sign them at Reception, and get their key. Or, they can skip Reception and do all that at the hotel kiosk.

Online services at the hotel

Digital room service

Book tables online

Check bill